Animal Communication

I communicate telepathically with animals by connecting with their energy.  The pet can be living or past and they do not need to be present for the reading.  I use a photo to connect and I prefer not to know anything about the animal ahead of time to allow them to speak for themselves.  

Some reasons you may want to consider communicating with your animal :

  • Understanding and addressing behavioral issues.
  • You can get to know and understand your pet better.
  • They may have opinions about things you are considering, like getting another pet or moving.
  • To find out if they have any advice for you.
  • Get feedback on how they are feeling or how you can improve their quality of life.
  • You can talk to them! This can be useful if there are upcoming changes to explain like a new baby or a divorce.

60 Minute Session: $95

30 Minute Session: $50

Single question: $25 


Intuitive Counseling

In an intuitive counseling session, I will connect with and read your energy.  These sessions can help identify areas to heal and look at ways to cope with certain situations.  The benefits include getting feedback on what you are going through but also it will leaving you feeling more grounded.  I will also clear your chakras and aura if that healing is needed. 

60 Minute Session: $95

30 Minute Session: $50

Single question: $25 


Pet Massage

As a certified animal massage practitioner I focus on providing a relaxing and healing experience for dogs and cats. Massage is beneficial for:

  • Aching or aging joints
  • Muscle recovery for active pets
  • Relaxation for anxious pets
  • Loving touch for animals who are afraid of people
  • Comfort during final stages of life

60 minute massage: $60

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"I had Denise channel two of my kitties. She is amazing! She got my feline children personalities to a T! The session with Denise was so fun and helpful! "          - Angie 

 "We recently brought a new baby home, and I really wanted to know how our two dogs were handling the new addition. Doing an Animal Communication reading with Denise was the perfect way to check in with both of our pups to see how they were feeling, and also to communicate through Denise that we are sorry they aren't getting as much attention these days! I'm grateful to Denise for helping us connect more directly with our dogs during this chaotic time - she is a gifted and intuitive animal communicator! " - Lauren