Intuitive Guidance for You and Your Furry Family


Animal Communication

Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking?  Does your pet have a behavioral issue that just so not make sense? Have there been any life changes that you want to explain to your pet?  

 I can help bridge the gap by connecting to your pet telepathically to help interpret so that you can understand each other better. 


Intuitive Counseling

If you are feeling down or lost or need advice, I can help!  

In an intuitive counseling session I will connect with your spirit and read your energy in order to see what areas need healing.  I can intuitively read your energy to suggest ways that you can work with the universe to create your best life.


Pet Massage

Our furry family needs pampering just like we do!  Massage is great for aging pets, joint issues, anxiety issues, transitioning from a shelter and just because they are special and they deserve it.  

In the Portland, Oregon area I will travel to you to provide a professional massage for your pets.



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